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The new gate of Jingan Hi-Tech was completed and opened




The original gate of the company has been built for a long time. With the continuous development and growth of the company, the company decided to build a new gate with a novel style and at the same time transform the original gate into a freight gate.

The new gate of Jing'an Hi-Tech is majestic and modern. The new gate is equipped with an LED display screen. The golden characters of "Jiangxi Jing'an High-tech Co., Ltd." are written in standard regular script next to the gate, showing the solemnity and atmosphere of Jing'an High-tech. Full of pride. The construction period of the new gate lasted more than a month from design, ground breaking, and completion recently.

With the completion and use of the new gate, it indicates that Jing'an Hi-Tech will have a better tomorrow and a brighter future.



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