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Good news - Congratulations to Jiangxi Kingan High-tech Co., Ltd. for successfully obtaining AEO Certificate



The General Administration of Customs approved Jiangxi Kingan Hi-tech Co., Ltd.(Kingan) to pass the AEO certificate. On March 22nd, Hu Meiliang, the party secretary and commissioner of Qingshanhu Customs in Nanchang City, on behalf of the General Administration of Customs, issued the "Certificate of Authorized Economic Operator(AEO)" to Jiangxi Kingan Hi-tech Co., Ltd. Tan Yizhi, the member of the Standing Committee of the An Yi County Party Committee and deputy head of the county, attended the ceremony. Comrades Wu Jiang, the general manager of the Kingan, Zhu Anhua, the senior management personnel of customs affairs, Ye Xiongwei, the senior management personnel of trade security, and other comrades sincerely welcomed them and participated in the meeting.

Jiangxi Kingan Hi-tech Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise in Nanchang to pass AEO certificate in year of 2024, and also the 18th enterprise in Nanchang to pass AEO certificate.

AEO certificate is a measure advocated by the World Customs Organization to balance trade security and convenience. It is the highest credit rating for customs certificate. Enterprises that have passed the certificate will enjoy joint incentives signed by 40 central departments including the National Development and Reform Commission and the General Administration of Customs in China, and a series of customs facilitation measures and joint incentives for trustworthiness in 52 AEO mutual recognition countries or regions around the world. They can enjoy priority customs clearance procedures and significantly reduce their operating costs.

Previously, Huang Xin, the deputy director of Qingshan Lake Customs, led a customs certificate expert group to visit Kingan to carry out on-site customs AEO certificate. The customs implemented certificate in four aspects: internal control, financial status, compliance and trade security. With the high attention of the company's leadership and the joint efforts of the International Sales Department and various relevant departments, the on-site certificate was successfully completed.

Jiangxi Kingan Hi-tech Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the green development of the zirconium industry for 35 years. Its products are of high quality and sell well in Europe, America, Japan and China, ranking the first among domestic peers. It is currently the manufacturer with the most complete industrial chain and the most abundant product varieties in the domestic zirconium industry. The company's production and sales volume has remained the first of the world for many years. The certificate of AEO will help improve the company's management level and competitive advantage in the international market, further expand its industry influence, and help the company achieve high-quality development and reach a new level.



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