Yttrium Stabilized Zirconia

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Yttrium oxide Stabilized Zirconia

for manufacturing all kinds of mechanical parts,ceramic fiber core and fiber ceramic pipe,cutting tools,cutting tools,jewelry,decorations and watches.


Nuclear grade hafnium dioxide

Used in nuclear energy materials,dielectric materials,ceramic materials,optical materials,catalyst carriers,electronic materials,chips and other fields.


Zirconium Hydroxide

Used as intermediates of other zirconium salts 


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The newly appointed magistrate of Anyi County visited the company for investigation

On the morning of December 23, 2012, Meimei, the newly appointed county magistrate of the People's Government of Anyi County, and her entourage visited the company to conduct work research. During the investigation, the Mayor of Meimei learned about the work of the company's academician workstation and the company's production and operation in detail, and visited the company's production plant, the Chinese Academy of Sciences pilot test base, and the company's new office building and research institute building. The Mayor of Meimei highly affirmed the company's achievements over the years and its contribution to local economic development. At the same time, Mayor Meimei said that this is the first time she has visited the company after taking office in Anyi County. She hopes that the company will strive for an early listing and continue to contribute to the economic development of Anyi County. The government will also do its best to support the company's work. Zhang Yu, general manager of the company, and Qi Tao, director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, accompanied and introduced the company.


Jing'an Hi-Tech Academician Workstation was approved

On November 15, 2012, our company's application for the academician workstation was approved. The Office of the Leading Group for Talent Work of the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Committee and the Jiangxi Science and Technology Association jointly agreed to establish "Jiangxi Jing'an High-tech Co., Ltd." Company Academician Workstation".


Jing An Hi-Tech was awarded the title of Top 50 Industrial Enterprises in Nanchang City in 2011

Jiangxi Jing'an High-tech Co., Ltd. won the honorary title of the city's top 50 industrial enterprises in 2011, and the city's top 50 industrial enterprises. It is an important incentive measure for Nanchang to fully support the development of large and key industrial enterprises in the region. Assessment of comprehensive indicators in terms of scale, operating efficiency, taxation, and social benefits.




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